Anne Hess and Rachel Roessler started Fresh Focus in the Summer of 2013.  Anne was going through a difficult time in her life with the passing of several family members along with losing her dream business.  Life seemed to have lost it's sparkle and she was feeling lost.  She turned to the Institute of Integrative Nutrition to find direction and healing, and that is exactly what she found.  Learning the importance of primary foods in our lives, which are your relationships, your career, you life purpose.  If they are out of "whack", then it is very hard for an individual to be healthy and fit.  She also learned that any sort of healing begins from the inside (heart) and moves outward.  As she learned this Anne turned to Rachel, who has played an integral part of Anne's BFit business since it's inception.  Together Anne and Rachel have created some pretty amazing fitness and motivational program.  Thus, Fresh Focus was created.  Over the years they both have learned the extreme value of gratitude, fresh air and the healing power of Fresh Foods.  They have packaged these 3 ingredients together to form a wonderful program they wish to share with you!  Our next 21-day online program will begin April 2017.

Fresh Focus

Fresh Food, Fresh Air and Living Graciously